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Fermented milk products: health benefits and harms

Fermented milk products: health benefits and harms. So, fresh milk is good, but fermented milk products are still better. It is better to replace fresh milk with fermented milk products, such as cheese, cottage cheese, feta cheese, kefir, acidophilus, yogurt, sour cream. In kefir, for example, there is an acidophilus bacterium that kills E. coli, …

Homemade halva recipe

Homemade halva recipe Halva Homemade halva recipe. These are just recipes. Fry flour (color from light brown or golden to dark brown – to taste. Take a glass of water, not poured to the edge on your finger, two glasses of sugar and 150 grams of butter or pork fat. When the water with sugar …


Fult Knead the yeast dough (in boiled milk) and roll out two or three sheets. Grease each sheet with margarine (you can take melted pork fat or boiled vegetable oil), fold on top of each other, roll up, twist and bake in the oven.