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An additional source of vitamins. Nettle is dioecious.

An additional source of vitamins. Nettle is dioecious.

Nettles appear immediately after the snow melts.

Already in April, you can cook delicious cabbage soup from its tender young leaves.

They need to be put at the very end of cooking.

This way physiologically active substances are better preserved.

Nettle leaves contain a lot of vitamin C.

They are rich in trace elements: iron, copper, manganese, phytoncides, chlorophyll, organic acids and tannins.

Eating it in the spring, we make our body stronger, healthier, strengthen the immune system.

At all times, nettle has been widely used in folk medicine.

Infusion of nettle strengthened the hair, improved their growth, eliminated dandruff.

To do this, they took a tablespoon of dry powdered leaves, poured a glass of boiling water, insisted in a dark place, filtered and wetted the hair without wiping them with a towel.

These leaves can be dried and added to soups and borscht as an additional source of vitamins and trace elements in winter, improving the taste of dishes.

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