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Dough. His types. Unsweetened shortbread dough.

Dough. His types. Unsweetened shortbread dough.

Many snacks, open pies can be made from such a dough.

Sift 250 grams of flour, measure out 125 grams of butter, separate one yolk from the protein.

You need the yolk. Season with a pinch of salt.

It will take some water.

Let’s start cooking.

There is a pile of flour on the table.

Make a hole in it. Pour a pinch of salt into it and soft butter cut into small cubes.

Quickly grind it all with flour and again form a slide.

Pour the yolk into the hole and, adding water for the second time, knead the mass.

We collect in a ball and keep in a film for at least 30 minutes in the cold.

Now you can cook and bake.

But conditions must be taken into account.

Shortbread dough products are well baked no thicker than 4 – 8 millimeters.

When there is a lot of fat, the dough becomes crumbly.

Work with a shovel.

Don’t touch the dough with your hands.

Otherwise, the dough will have more gluten than necessary, and it will become tough.

If it breaks apart during kneading, or if it is sticky, hard to roll out, it is recommended to add three tablespoons of very cold water from the freezer or a little egg white.

They mixed it up. Now definitely in the cold. Hold for 30 minutes.

Mandatory conditions.

From a good dough, pastries are obtained that are tasty even without filling.

Practice. And every time it will turn out better and better, a variety of fillings will surprise you with a new taste every time.

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