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Meat for gourmets.

Meat for gourmets.

Do not start cooking frozen meat until it is completely defrosted.

If you took a piece of lean meat, then to increase the fat content, stuff with bacon sticks 5 – 7 centimeters long and 0.6 centimeters thick.

Insert the sticks into the meat with a special device called a lard, and if you don’t have a lard, stick pieces of bacon into the punctures in the meat with the sharp end of the knife.

The meat will be juicier during the cooking process.

Well, if you took a fatty piece, then stuff it to improve the taste with garlic, carrots, onion slices, pieces of parsley or celery root, apple slices or plums, pitted, cherry plum.

A piece of meat stuffed in this way should be peppered with black ground and allspice, salt, sprinkle with nutmeg, rub with vegetable oil with fragrant herbs to your taste.

It can be not only parsley, celery and dill.

Add basil, coriander, marjoram, cilantro, bay leaf, thyme, lemongrass leaves.

 Meat treated in this way should be placed on a baking sheet and cooked in the oven for at least 3 hours over medium heat, pouring the resulting juices from time to time.

To prevent the meat from burning, put a mug of water in the oven or lower the temperature. The cooked meat will be fragrant, juicy, and when cut in finished form, the stuffed sides look beautifully festive.

The top will be a little dry, and the middle will be juicy.

Such meat can be poured with garlic-sour cream sauce, ketchup, eaten with mayonnaise or tomato juice.

It is ideal for mashed potatoes, homemade potatoes, any porridge, as an addition to a side dish, as a snack.

Eat such meat with salt, salads and be healthy.

Bon Appetit!

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