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Meat “Chic”.

Meat “Chic”.

Before cooking, soak a piece of beef in water acidified with vinegar, it will be more tender.

Now hold for 20-25 minutes over a container of boiling water for juiciness, and for a special taste, grease with mustard. Don’t rinse.

So simmer.

Bring the meat to half-cooked in the oven and grease the surface with sour cream to form a golden crust, salt, pepper and simmer for another hour at a low temperature, pouring over the resulting juices.

Readiness is checked with a skewer.

A clear liquid should come out.

Sprinkle with chopped garlic, parsley, dill and serve, cut into slices.

Such meat will harmonize well with any porridge, potatoes.

It looks good on the festive table, your guests will like it 100%.

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