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We marinate the herring

We marinate the herring.

There may be worms in the herring, so it is not enough to salt it, you need to pickle it.

Salted can be soaked.

It is better to salt well for safety. For 3 herring, take 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar, preferably natural apple cider vinegar.

In a liter of water, dissolve 140 g of salt and one tablespoon of sugar, unground coriander, bay leaf, black and allspice, seasoning for fish, optional.

In such a marinade, hold the gutted, finned head and tail herring cut into pieces.

Cut the onion into rings. In two days the fish will be ready.

Keep in refrigerator.

Serve with lemon, drizzled with vegetable oil, with jacket potatoes.

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