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Preparation of rye sourdough

Preparation of rye sourdough

Pour 100 grams of rye flour into a liter jar, pour in half a glass of warm water. Shake it up.

Cover the jar with a lid and keep in a warm place, somewhere in the oven.

Try it in the morning. There should be a sour taste.

Add the same amount of rye flour and the same amount of warm water.

Put it back in a warm place next to the oven. Your sourdough has been standing for 3 days already. Stir again and pour into a larger bowl.

The mixture will double in size. She already needs a lot of space.

Let it continue to roam. An unpleasant odor emanates from it.

There are no beneficial lactic acid bacteria in it yet. Add flour and water again, half a cup each.

Stir and send to heat. And only on the fourth day there will be a pronounced aftertaste with a pleasant smell with many small bubbles on the surface.

And finally, on the fifth day, your long-awaited rye sourdough is ready.

You can bake, and even if there is no need for this at the moment, feed the sourdough with water and flour again, sending it to a warm place.

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