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Cucumbers are crispy and fresh.

Cucumbers are crispy and fresh.

In a sterile three-liter jar, put washed, pre-soaked for two hours with cut tails, cucumbers with spices and spices as you like.

I put a clove of garlic, bay leaf, 3-4 peas of black and allspice, a few shavings of horseradish root, dill umbrellas.

I pour cucumbers with boiling water.

Worth 10 minutes. Then I add a shot of salt, a shot of sugar, a shot of vinegar, and an aspirin. Again, pour boiling water and close, turn over, covering with a towel.

Before turning over, roll the jar on the floor, shake it up.

If you pour boiling water twice and stand every time for 10 minutes, the cucumbers can become soft, and with an aspirin tablet and poured once, they remain dense and crispy.

And they never break.

You can add less sugar.

Good luck and bon appetit!

Eat for health!

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