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Healthy rabbit meat. Benefit and harm.

Healthy rabbit meat. Benefit and harm.

Opponents of meat eating let them honor and understand how much meat can be useful for humans.

The most acceptable guinea fowl, pigeon, turkey and undoubtedly rabbit.

By eating such meat, you will forget about diseases.

The rabbit is, of course, not only valuable fur, but also a valuable food product.

Everyone knows its antioxidant properties. There is a very important vitamin B12 that is beneficial for the spinal cord and brain. Contributes to the enrichment of the human body with oxygen.

Feel free to include this meat in your diet. It is no coincidence that doctors recommend it to patients, children and the elderly.

Why cook tender rabbit meat for a long time and over high heat? Think for yourself. That is unnecessary. Simmer at low temperatures, but don’t overdo it.

Remember that it is important for us to preserve valuable vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The carcass of a rabbit should not be less than a kilogram. This is still a fairly young unripe meat.

And when more than 2 kg – this is the other extreme.

It is likely that the animal is old and its meat is of lower quality.

The rabbit is soaked in water, or even better in milk for about 4 hours. Marinated for about 10 hours and a large number of options: kefir, red and white wine, lime and lemon juice, Narsharab sauce, using onions, a mixture of peppers, Provencal herbs, basil, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, grape, wine, apple cider vinegar, parsley, dill, celery and even garlic.

Better not to bread and fry. It is much more useful to cook on a steam bath, in a double boiler, or in a multicooker on a vegetable pillow.

Your kidneys and stomach will thank you for this.

And what a useful liver a rabbit has! It is no coincidence that it is usually sold separately and at a higher price. They don’t get better from this meat. It is low in calories.

I must also say about sulfur. There is a record amount of it in this meat. Rabbit meat protein is special.

Just think, as many as nineteen amino acids, including irreplaceable ones.

When cooked, their quality does not suffer. These are mezine, methionine, tryptophan and others. Rabbit meat bypasses other types of meat in all respects. Take iron. It is 2 times more, a lot of phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt.

If the animal was well looked after, fed correctly, given a balanced diet, then copper, manganese, fluorine, zinc, and lithium will be in sufficient quantities.

But sodium salts are relatively few. But there is a lot of vitamin PP, C, B6. Separately, it must be said about the most valuable rabbit fat.

There is a rare arachidonic acid, which is found only in lard, peanut, olive oil, but, of course, there are a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids in this fat.

This fat is completely absorbed and is considered to be healing. Heals bronchi well, softens the skin. Used by cosmetologists in the manufacture of expensive creams. It goes especially well with honey.

It becomes healing. Has a quick effect without any chemistry. It normalizes fat metabolism, maintains balance in the body, improves immunity, and heals the gastrointestinal tract.

You will forget about gastritis, ulcers, colitis, enterocolitis. The liver and bile will thank you. Hypertensive patients, diabetics will breathe a sigh of relief, feeling relief.

Rabbit meat is very successfully combined with other types of meat, various cereals and vegetables.

It can be not only boiled and fried, but also salted, smoked, canned.

Eat and get a complete protein, the most valuable healing fat.

This so-called white meat is high in complete protein. The only thing I want to add.

Frequent defrosting and freezing spoils the meat. Take a fresh one or put it in the freezer in portions so as not to defrost the whole carcass.

Why do you need this expensive, but not so useful sausage? Give preference to a bunny from a backyard that ate natural food and walk free in a farm yard.

Cautions! Do not overuse, because it will go to the detriment of your health.

Our healthy rabbit meat contains purine bases.

In the body, they are stopped by uric acid. With an excess of it, the joints suffer. Do not be surprised if arthritis and gout begin to bother you. And here’s another nuisance. Amino acids are digested in the intestines and become hydrocyanic acids.

The environment in the body will be acidic. With some diseases, this is unacceptable.

Especially harmful to the stomach and intestines. Cases of allergy to the meat of this animal are extremely rare.

On the whole, it is the most valuable food product. And you were convinced of this, had such an opportunity, having received a large amount of valuable information about the benefits, useful properties of this dietary food product.

If someone does not like rabbit meat, it is only because he ate a rabbit that was unsuccessfully cooked once, but this is fixable.

There are a lot of cooking recipes, you just need to choose the best ones, try and cook it well, and present it beautifully.

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