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Fish balls or sticks. Better than store bought.

Fish balls or sticks. Better than store bought.

The store sells semi-finished products, but they are of dubious quality.

Let’s cook ourselves at home from high-quality and affordable products.

Leftover stale bread.

Amazing. Soak a couple of slices in milk.

Punch half a kilogram of fish fillet with a blender.

Combine with squeezed bread.

Whip the whites of several eggs with a whisk.

Enter the remaining yolks, grated hard cheese into the minced fish.

Salt and pepper.

Grate the onion on a fine grater and send it to the fish mass.

We begin to form a mass.

Now you need whipped egg whites.

We dip the sticks in proteins, and then in breadcrumbs, and immediately fry in a large amount of odorless refined vegetable oil.

Don’t fry too hard. Fish or meat.

Cooks faster.

We spread the finished sticks on paper towels, which absorb excess oil.

We don’t need extra oil.

Try not to overheat the oil so that it does not burn.

This is bad in every way.

The stores sell mixtures of peppers, odorous herbs, spices.

Take advantage. Fish sticks will become even tastier and give a pleasant aroma.

If the mass is liquid, add a little semolina, flour or starch.

The state of affairs will change.

It will be easy to make sticks.

The fish quickly seizes and hardens already in the process of frying.

It is not necessary to make sticks.

Cook in balls.

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