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We prepare puff pastry. 1 way.

We prepare puff pastry. 1 way.

Take 500 grams of flour.

Flour must be sifted.

Divide the flour into two equal parts.

Mix one part with butter in an amount of 400 grams.

Take high-fat oil of good quality.

Now roll out the dough into a rectangle about 2 centimeters thick and send it to the refrigerator.

We take the second part of the flour.

Pour half a glass of water into it.

Cut the lemon in half and extract the juice from the halves.

Pour half a glass of water into the flour, squeezed lemon juice, add salt and knead.

Instead of lemon juice, it is permissible to use diluted citric acid.

We roll the mass into a ball.

Transfer to a saucepan, cover with a lid.

Let it lie for at least half an hour.

We take the rested dough and roll it out.

You should get a layer twice as long as the first piece, which is with oil.

Put a piece of butter on a piece with lemon juice (second).

Wrap with an envelope, pinching the edges.

Our dough of flour and butter is in another dough with lemon juice.

Sprinkle the table with flour and roll out the two types of dough prepared in this way into a strip 25-30 centimeters wide and one centimeter thick.

Fold the dough four times.

It should stand in the refrigerator for about an hour.

After that, roll out again, folding in four and standing in the cold to repeat.

We repeat these actions for the third time.

And only after that you can work with such a dough, cutting up all kinds of products: pies,




At the same time, you will still have clippings.

Squeeze them into a ball.

No need to knead.

Keep it in the refrigerator, roll it out and make the additional products you need from this dough according to your idea.

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