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Sprouted wheat grains protect your health.

Sprouted wheat grains protect your health.

Rinse three cups of wheat grains well. Enough for 5 days.

 Place in an enamel deep dish.

Fill with water to cover the grains, cover with a plate, napkin and keep in a warm place (+23 degrees Celsius).

Moisten the napkin periodically. The seeds will hatch on the third day. They should be wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in a cold place. This will stop further growth.

The sprout length of 1.5 mm is valuable when they differ in the greatest biological value of the grain.

This is how all other grains are prepared.

The grains prepared in this way are rich in vitamins, especially of the B group (6 times more than before germination), and vitamin E (100 times! And more than before germination), enzymes, trace elements that are contained in the shell), and, moreover, however, during the digestion of wheat proteins, special substances are formed – endorphins.

All these substances are necessary for building cells of the human body and strengthening the psyche. In this form, the germinated grains become soft, as if they are steamed.

The starch in them turns into malt sugar and this facilitates digestion by a whole step (After all, we first have to turn starch into sugar). The healing power of sprouted seeds is greater than any other cereal meal. Recommended for people with reduced salivation. This is the strongest stimulant of the life principle of “Slime” (it causes cooling and moisturizing of the body), therefore it is better not to eat them in rainy weather, but rather to eat bread from it, and in a hot state.

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