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Rice. Features of preparation. Rice porridge recipe.

Rice. Features of preparation. Rice porridge recipe.

In India they are deified. It occupies the main place in the cuisine of this country. Every Indian eats rice at least once a day.

There are countless ways to prepare this cereal and to combine it with other foods.

So how do you cook rice porridge properly?

Let’s choose one of the ways. Add half a glass of orange juice to the water in which you will cook the rice grits – the rice will turn out to be especially tasty. The first thing to do is rinse the cereal. Take one part rice and two parts water.

A teaspoon of lemon juice will whiten the rice, and turmeric or saffron will turn golden.

Place the rice in boiling salted water, add 5% fat or butter by weight of the rice, and simmer, stirring occasionally.

You see that the rice is swollen, cover and cook over low heat for about 30 minutes.

Can be cooked in an oven at low temperatures.

To achieve friability, it is imperative to adhere to a ratio of one to one and a half. Set the heat to high for the first 2-3 minutes to generate a lot of steam.

Then turn down the heat from the middle so that the steam is still pumped up. After 7 minutes of cooking, reduce heat to minimum. 12 minutes have passed, turn it off, but keep the lid closed.

Let the porridge evaporate for 10 minutes, until it is fully cooked.

Here are some tips for cooking rice.

1 During cooking, do not stir the cereals, otherwise the porridge will become starchy and sticky.

2 Put the cooked rice out of the pan immediately, otherwise it will continue steaming in a hot pan and will boil more than it should.

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