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Prevention of oncology through cooking.

Prevention of oncology through cooking.

Food products.

Prevention. There is such a thing as disease prevention.

In order not to get sick, you need to adhere to the correct diet.

First of all, you do not need to harm the body, get rid of bad habits.

Food should be thoroughly chewed.

Even drink water, hold it in your mouth for a while, treating it with saliva.

Do not eat in a hurry, swallowing large chunks.

There are no teeth in the stomach.

You need to cook in a positive mood, eat in a pleasant atmosphere, enjoying a slow meal, focusing only on the food, its taste, smell.

Exclude smoked meat, do not eat a lot of meat.

If it is meat, then it is best to use pigeon and guinea fowl meat.

It is most acceptable for the human body, more useful, unlike even chicken and rabbit.

Reduce your sugar intake.

Don’t feed cancer.

Remember that ice cream is not the most useful product.

It is better to eat more raw fruits, berries and vegetables.

Dry and freeze them, prepare them for the future for the winter.

Eat fish as often as possible.

Do not get carried away with strong tea and do not drink coffee often.

Do not heat-treat vegetable oil.

It becomes carcinogenic.

Use less canned foods with vinegar and other aggressive substances in food.

Try to use the products in their natural form.

Eat more greens.

The food should not be too hot or too cold.

It is allowed to increase or decrease the temperature above or below body temperature by 4 degrees Celsius.

The stomach then restores the mucosa for a long time.

This is a load on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Monitor the quality of water and drink enough of it.

Flour products in the form of cakes, pies should be in the diet less.

Read the information from the label and do not take the product in the store where there are a lot of preservatives.

Do not heat-treat honey and be healthy.

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