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Eggplant sauerkraut in vegetable oil.

Eggplant sauerkraut in vegetable oil.

Wash the eggplants, cut off the tails and cook in salted water until half-cooked.

We leave it under the yoke with a slope for a day.

Bitterness will stand out.

Cut lengthwise, but not to the end and fill with chopped garlic, slightly pricked, peppered.

We put them in three-liter jars and fill the voids with calcined and cooled unrefined odorous vegetable oil.

For taste and aroma, put a bay leaf.

It can be stored in a cellar or refrigerator, covered with a nylon lid.

Pour the oil until it is full, so that there are no voids under the lid.

Such eggplants can be stuffed with Korean carrots and similar fillings.

You can make a salad by dicing, pouring oil, adding onions in half rings.

Eggplants can be put in a makitra and filled with water.

Add one and a half cups of salt to a bucket of water.

Cover with gauze in 3 layers, put a plate, and a load on the plate.

Eggplants will be fermented and will become very tasty.

After a couple of weeks, you can eat.

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