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How to cook millet porridge?

How to cook millet porridge?

For your information, the more yellow and richer the color of millet, the more crumbly it will turn out in the finished form.

Millet is usually very dirty. It must be washed in at least several waters.

In addition to all that has been said, this will relieve him of bitterness. And yet, in addition to everything, after it has been washed, scald with boiling water.

It is better to wash on a sieve through which millet grains do not pass.

Millet can be fried like buckwheat before cooking.

If you cook milk porridge, then first cook in water (One glass of cereal – one and a half glasses of hot water). The water is absorbed into the cereal, add 1 glass of hot milk.

It can also be eaten with dried fruits, nuts, honey, garmelon.

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