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Lazy dumplings “Special”. Dumplings recipe

Lazy dumplings “Special”. Dumplings recipe.

 Recipes of dishes that are called figuratively “lazy” will always be relevant, especially when there is a sorely lack of time and you need to cook food, which is called in a hurry, and even from simple products. Here’s a recipe.


3 eggs.

About a glass of water.

200 g flour or flour with semolina.

Salt to taste.

One cube of bouillon or 2 liters of broth (preferably chicken).

Sour cream or butter

Tomato sauce,


200 g of meat (chicken breast) grasps better in broth).

Boiled carrots.

Dill greens.

They can be dipped in vinegar and garlic sauce: salt, vegetable oil, crushed garlic.

1. Prepare minced meat from meat

2. Add eggs and salt to the water.

Shake. Stir in flour and knead the dough. According to preservation, it should be like a pancake, but a little thicker. Add flour or semolina if necessary. Place the minced meat in the dough. In the boiling broth with a teaspoon dipped in cold water so that it does not stick, take the dough and send the broth. Cook for 8-10 minutes after surfacing. Decorate the finished dumplings with carrots, sprinkle with herbs, pour sour cream, mayonnaise, butter, sauce or ketchup. You can eat it with tomato juice. Fast, cheap and tasty. Bon Appetit!

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