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Rural soup “New taste”! Delicious soup recipe

Rural soup “New taste”! Delicious soup recipe.

Tastes could not be discussed. Rural soup “New taste”! I like to eat tomato juice with finely chopped onions and the addition of unrefined fragrant fresh sunflower oil. Season with salt and you can even add a pinch of sugar. Season with pepper, add your favorite spices as desired, and enjoy with fresh homemade bran bread. You can pre-mash the onion in your hands to make it softer. Simply healthy and tasty. Try adding a drop of grated garlic. In general, there will be aerobatics. Lycopene in tomatoes will protect you from cancer, and onions and garlic from viruses. My friends are surprised that I eat bread and butter by adding salt, they also sprinkle it with sugar. I also smear a piece of bread with homemade sour cream and sprinkle with sea salt, my friends eat such bread with sugar. Someone once said that you can eat watermelon with garlic and bread, I tried it, imagine, I liked it. Now this is the only way I eat watermelon. The taste and color is enjoyable. It is important that you personally like it.

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