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The secret to good tea.

The secret to good tea.

Test yourself. Is that how you make tea?

It will be useful only with proper brewing.

We brew tea correctly. We will do this carefully, carefully, observing a number of rules. First of all, you need to take a good quality tea for brewing.

But even if you took high quality tea, this is not a guarantee of success.

It must have been properly stored. For example, in glass jars with a tight lid.

As you know, tea in dry form can absorb surrounding odors, absorb moisture, weather, losing flavor.

Hard water is not suitable for tea.

Need a clean, soft without specific impurities.

The ideal option is melt water. And for each tea leaves need fresh water.

Overboiled good tea will not work. Heard about such a boiling “white key”.

Here is the ideal option. Our ancestors defined the stages of boiling in this way.

At first, the samovar seems to sing, then it starts to make noise, and at the end it boils with a strong boil.

For tea, you need a stage when the samovar is noisy. This is the moment of white boiling.

To brew tea, you need to have porcelain or faience dishes.

Before brewing, the teapot should be warmed, rinsed with boiling water, then wiped dry.

Just pour tea into the kettle, immediately fill it with water.

Tea leaves must give all their aroma and useful substances contained in them.

To preserve it, the teapot should be covered with a clean linen towel. Wait exactly 4 minutes, if it is black tea, if it is green, then insist 8 minutes. Coarse varieties of green and brick tea are brewed for 10 minutes.

Tea is useful to drink with milk, jam.

Do not drink tea too strong. Tea tones, warms.

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