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There comes a time when apples begin to deteriorate in a rural cellar with a long shelf life, and you put them into action without waiting for the formation of rot.

And the pumpkin usually stays at the end of May. It’s a shame to throw it away.

So cook our jam.

Stew separately diced pumpkin in the amount of 800 grams.

Soften in this way separately one kilogram and two hundred grams of sour apples.

Combine apples and pumpkin, adding 500 grams of granulated sugar.

Stir and cook over low heat.

Before the end of cooking, add another 500 grams of sugar and cut finely chopped orange peels to improve the taste and aroma.

We determine the finished marmalade in dry sterile hot jars, cover with boiled dry lids and roll up.

It’s tasty and healthy.

In addition, you processed useful products, did not let them go to waste.

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