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Soup – eggplant sauce

Soup – eggplant sauce.

Soup – eggplant sauce. Favourite dish. Cut the eggplants into cubes, salt, and when the juice is released, they will give off the bitterness, squeeze. Throw chopped cabbage, sliced ​​potatoes into boiled water, salt. Cook the vegetables until tender, then lower a little diced paprika, cooked eggplants, boil and start refueling. Fry and flour the onions, simmer carrots, chopped on a coarse grater (more, not sparing). We connect. Season with sweetened tomato paste. Refueling the soup. Remains of parsley, dill. Green onions will not be superfluous. Dip a couple of bay leaves for a while. If not removed, it will give bitterness. The soup is ready. Eat with sour cream, adding directly to the plate. The sauce should be thick. You can add fresh tomatoes in cubes for thickening. Adjust the fluid, keeping in mind that vegetables add juice to the soup. The soup is delicious even when cold. The soup recipe is delicious. Bon Appetit!

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