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“Olivier” in a new way. Olivier recipe with photo

“Olivier” in a new way. Olivier recipe with photo

If you are tired of the traditional “Olivier” basin for the New Year, add new ingredients and it will sparkle with new colors. “Olivier” salad is also called meat salad, so no harmful sausage. Instead of sausage, add a meat mix: boiled pork, low-fat young veal, turkey or quail breast.

Try chicken fillet, as an option, boiled pork or beef tongue or crab meat, crayfish tails. To choose from. Such a variety will enrich the salad with a new flavor range and make our Olivier more nutritious. I propose to put eggs instead of chicken quail or turkey. In our version, there will be dense green apples, cut into cubes without a peel. So as not to turn black, hold in water acidified with lemon.

Send pitted steamed raisins together with apples to our truly royal dish. The potatoes of the same size, so that they cook evenly, boil them in their skins and cut into cubes, as in the usual version, but in our version, replace the cucumbers with capers or pickled mushrooms, pickled olives.

Open frozen fresh green peas with milky freshness until soft, so that it becomes even softer so that the skin is not tough.

You will need frozen fresh young corn. Also open until soft (only it should not dominate). Top with frozen green beans for healthier. Weld if a bit harsh.

Sausage? You can also diced sausage. But certainly smoked and of very good quality. For pungency, horseradish, mustard, without any additives, finely chopped onions are also allowed. Try to boil it and the bitterness will come off, the aftertaste will become neutral.

Season with homemade mayonnaise with lemon juice and sour cream and serve in portions in sweet fresh peppers, tartlets, baskets, in pancakes, decorating with herbs of your choice in a ring. For example, parsley, dill.

Try adding ketchup, tomato sauce. It will give mayonnaise a pleasant pungency and compatibility with meat dishes. Grated lemon zest, paprika, curry, soy sauce will not interfere.

Vary products, juggle with a gamut, look for your exquisite and unique options, your norm, measure and be happy, enjoying the taste, aroma, beauty, color. Bon Appetit!

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