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How to make healthy and delicious yogurt at home?

How to make healthy and delicious yogurt at home?

Yogurt is on our table, on guard of our health. Our body will run like clockwork thanks to the beneficial bacteria. For example, Bulgarian bacillus heals the intestinal microflora, has a rejuvenating effect on the body, and lactic acid streptococci turn milk into yogurt, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. There are also such useful bifidobacteria that activate metabolic processes, promote the absorption of calcium, iron, vitamin D. And what a useful acidophilus bacillus, which suppresses the action of pathogenic bacteria, and promotes the production of natural antibiotics in the human body.

So, all these beneficial bacteria are present in yoghurts. So, we buy a yoghurt maker and start preparing a real, homemade, natural, such healthy lactic acid product for the health of our entire family. By the way, yoghurt can also be cooked in a thermos. Take 1 liter of homemade milk. Purchase a special bacterial starter from a store or pharmacy (there are a wide variety of them on sale from different manufacturers). To protect yourself from pathogenic bacteria, even boil homemade milk over low heat for 5 minutes, give it a heat treatment. Then refrigerate it to body temperature, approximately 35 – 38 degrees Celsius. Dilute the starter culture with boiled water at room temperature to 2/3 of the bottle. Then cover with a lid and shake thoroughly. It remains for the leaven to make friends with milk. Stir and place in a thermos. Be patient. Yogurt will turn out after 7-9 hours. Store the resulting product in the refrigerator at 2-6 degrees Celsius. But no more than two days. Real natural yogurt is different in that it is not stored for a long time. For your information, normal healthy fermented milk products do not have a “shelf life” as such – there is a ripening period, a readiness period (when the product should be eaten) and then the product must be peroxidized quickly enough even when stored in the refrigerator (without freezing) … Yogurt can be made from any milk, both from traditional cow milk, from goat, sheep, camel and even soy, coconut. It is usually a drink where proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements are balanced. The use of yogurt normalizes the intestinal microflora, which increases immunity, resistance to various diseases, and endurance appears. In addition, the intestinal mucosa processes yogurt 2 times longer than milk, which is why, after eating a glass of yogurt, you stay full for a long time, which is very important when following a diet. This protects against overeating and excess weight. Various useful additives improve the taste and quality: pieces of fruits, nuts, cereals, dried fruits, pieces of vegetables.

Natural yoghurts do not contain any additional food additives such as flavors, thickeners, preservatives, casein, sweeteners, emulsifiers and therefore are the most beneficial. Soy yogurt called yofu is very beneficial. It is made from soy milk and helps people with diabetes and those who have lactose intolerance. Separately, it must be said about the Greek (Mediterranean) yogurt made from sheep’s milk. It is greasy and thick, since after the fermentation is completed, the whey is filtered off by placing the finished yoghurt in a special linen bag. When suspended, excess liquid flows from it. Be aware that so-called fruit yoghurts have nothing to do with natural ones.

Real yogurt, by definition, cannot be fruit, because adding fruit disrupts the fermentation process of milk. The correct store-bought yoghurt should be labeled “Contains live bacteria” or “Contains live yoghurt cultures”. The ideal is that yoghurt, which contains only milk and special bacteria. And yet, in normal fermented milk products, vitamin C cannot be contained, since it is necessarily processed by live lactic acid bacteria along with lactose lactose. Modern manufacturers of the product, after being packaged in sealed packaging, are subjected to treatment with hard radioactive radiation that kills lactic acid bacteria. In this case, gamma radiation of the isotope cobalt 60 is used for deep radiation processing (this is artificially obtained a certain version of “apples from Chernobyl”).

Draw conclusions. Store-bought yogurt may contain preservatives (toxic substances) that kill fermented milk sticks, which are also toxic to humans. So do not be surprised later by the appearance of dysbiosis. Be careful when buying and cook better at home when there is a guarantee, because you did everything according to the rules for your loved ones with your own hands. Natural yogurt is a storehouse of B vitamins and calcium. In addition, it perfectly regulates metabolism and strengthens the immune system. These are the best milk recipes.

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