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What is useful to know when choosing milk?

What is useful to know when choosing milk?

We buy milk wisely. So, you’ve decided to buy market milk. Pay attention to its color. Homemade cow’s milk should be rich white, maybe “creamy”. It depends on the fat content, which varies in village milk from 3 to 6%, from the feed that the animal receives. If the milk is almost transparent, watery, “cyanotic”, as we usually say, then such milk should be discarded. It’s better not to buy it. Most likely, the dairy product was diluted with water to make a big profit. Let’s try to determine whether the milk is diluted or not. This is done like this. Place the purchased milk in a glass of water. A drop of quality milk sinks to the bottom and does not dissolve immediately. This means that the milk is fatty (there are special devices that determine the fat content). In good rural milk, of high quality, after a while within 8 hours, especially in the summer, thick, fatty cream forms faster on the surface. By their quantity, one can judge the quality. If there is no cream on top, then this indicates that the milk is freshest.

Otherwise, it will tell you that the milk has been stirred or even removed an inch. In diluted milk, the cream will rise again after a while, and if they are not there, then there will be nothing to rise or there will be very little cream. When buying milk, pay attention to the smell and taste. Fresh milk should not have a sour smell, and milk, where all the standards of sanitation and hygiene were observed, cannot smell like manure. The barn where the animal is located should smell like hay, not manure. You need to look closely at the maintenance of the animal, take out the manure on time, clean the manure from the surface of the cow itself.

The animal must be clean and in good conditions. Good milk will only have a faint, barely perceptible barn smell, which disappears very quickly. Milk can also have an unpleasant smell from the individual characteristics of the animal, which is extremely rare. Usually they try to sell such a cow for meat and get another one. Housewives who cheat need to be brought out to clean water so that they are discouraged to deceive people. Sellers with such a reputation will simply stop taking products if they do not draw conclusions. Hearing spreads quickly and such people begin to be recognized. We arrived in the village for a long time, take it from the same hostess who has a good reputation among the local residents. Judge by the first impression of the hostess’s appearance. If the hostess is neat, then most likely everything is in order. Look at the cow being driven into the herd in the morning. She must be plump and clean. People who have been engaged in farming for a long time have everything worked out to the smallest detail. They usually have complete order both in the house and in the yard. Such a life disciplines, develops many good habits, following which a good result is achieved. Goat milk, for example, is poorly taken due to its specific smell and taste. The reason for this is volatile fatty acids released from the sebaceous glands of the udder of the animal, which enter during milking.

With good care, this practically does not happen and the milk looks like cow’s. How to tell? Goat almost never has a yellowish creamy hue, and the cream never floats to the surface, remains distributed throughout the entire volume of the dish. Goat milk is usually more expensive. It is taken by children, old people, sick people, people who follow a healthy lifestyle. The smell and taste of milk is influenced not only by the care of the animal, but also by what it eats. In Crimea, for example, goats are often grazed on mountain slopes overgrown with lavender – they give surprisingly sweet, healthy, healing milk with a very pleasant aroma. I must say that breeds have been bred that give milk without any smell. The real origin of the product will only give out the aftertaste, which does not appear immediately. And what’s the point of slipping another goat instead of a cow. Although, in the summertime, milk quickly turns sour and due to a bias towards goat’s milk, some people, in order to sell it faster, equalize in price with cow’s milk. Then our advice and knowledge that you received will be useful to you. Be carefull! And further. Come to the milk saleswoman with your utensils, for example, better with an enamel can. Firstly. There is no access to the sun’s rays, there is confidence in cleanliness. We washed it with baking soda with our own hands. If there are leftovers of old milk, then fresh milk poured into such a bowl will turn sour very soon. Make an appointment with your milk saleswoman. Take immediately after milking.

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