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Soy: what is it, the benefits and harms

Soy: what is it, the benefits and harms.

Soy. Products for centenarians. It is no coincidence that new data on soy has made it very popular among people leading a healthy lifestyle. Why did she bribe everyone so? What secrets does it hold? It is known that this is a culture from the legume family, a relative of all known peas, beans, lentils, which are frequent guests on our table. Each of these products is useful and good in its own way. Soy, in turn, is a healthy and tasty food product that sometimes works more effectively than many medicines. Soy is especially popular in China and Japan. Japanese women who constantly consume soy practically do not get sick, for example, with breast cancer, and a strong half of the inhabitants of Japan practically do not get prostate cancer.

There are a lot of centenarians in China and Japan. The soybeans are believed to be responsible for this. It turns out that soy contains plant hormones. They regulate estrogen levels. This is truly food, like medicine. Delicious and healthy, nutritious sprouted soybeans, tofu cheese, soy meat. Soy is used to make medicines. It is highly valued by nutritionists and cosmetologists, and has long been noted by people who follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat soy and you will be healthy, you will live 100 years.

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