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Green borscht “Help out”. Delicious borscht recipe

Green borscht “Help out”. Delicious borscht recipe.

Buying cabbage in spring is expensive and problematic, and sorrel is the most budgetary and affordable option. In the spring, when the stocks of cabbage in the basement run out, and a fresh sorrel appeared on last year’s garden, you can use it or canned, which has not yet been used, and prepare the so-called “green” borscht. Boil brisket or soaked salted meat, potatoes, add sorrel. Then it’s up to frying. Some housewives use sour for cooking, pouring a certain amount into the base, but I just do tomato frying. I fry the onions, saute the carrots with flour, add the sweetened tomato paste, pepper with a mixture of peppers.

Bay leaf for an amateur. Combine frying with potatoes boiled in broth and sorrel. It remains to add more parsley, dill, green onions. Bring to a boil and you can eat with sour cream, crumbling a plate of eggs. If young nettles have appeared in the garden, then a small amount will not hurt. This is an additional serving of vitamins. You can add homemade stew. Delicious too!

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