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Dairy products from A to Z: health benefits and harms

Dairy products from A to Z: health benefits and harms.

A special place for fermented milk products!

Fermented milk products deserve special attention. Are we using them correctly? You need to eat cottage cheese fresh and always with plant products and nuts. This will help get rid of the adverse effect of easily digestible animal fats, if, to dissolve them into two tablespoons of cottage cheese, be sure to add one teaspoon of vegetable oil (preferably the first pressing) or mix cottage cheese with one or two tablespoons of nuts and eat with a vegetable salad.

Well, are you doing this?

 For lovers of vegetable borscht.

They can be cooked with whey. Pour whey into boiling water with vegetables for borscht. Bring to a boil and turn off. Let it insist. Serve with fresh herbs, garlic and sour cream. Soup can be prepared according to this principle. An indispensable condition for this should be the quality of the fermented milk product. It should be the freshest, at least one day. Not possessing valuable information, we underestimate the serum, neglect it and in vain. It turns out that serum has many useful properties: it stimulates the intestines, removes excess fluid from the body, improves blood circulation and kidney function, reduces inflammation, is used in cosmetology, as it cleans the skin. Beauties wash their face with it and do it right, because it contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins and milk sugar (easily digestible). These are the wonderful properties. Nutritionists sing odes to her, children’s doctors recommend using it in baby food. Everyone knows that whey is a valuable protein product. But few people know that artificial black and red caviar, artificial meat is made from it, as an alternative to expensive analogs, and we pour it out without finding use for it. I will add to all that has been said that despite the low protein content in whey, all essential amino acids are preserved.

What does this give to our body?

This is the regeneration of liver proteins, the formation of hemoglobin and plasma. Did you know that all vitamins, salts, trace elements, organic acids such as lactic, citric, nucleic, acetic, formic, propionic, butyric acids pass from milk to whey, and this is a lot. Moreover, it turns out that when processing low-quality milk, including those with a radioactive background, the whey remains absolutely benign.

That’s what’s important!

The so-called buttermilk, reverse, is useful for atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity. Here it is food, like medicine.

Whey and buttermilk are used to prepare kefir and yogurt, which should be on the table every day, as an element of a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle.

Fermented milk products serve to normalize the intestinal flora, which cannot perform its functions due to putrefactive microbes. Lactic acid stimulates the secretion of the glands of the stomach, intestines, supplies the body with the necessary enzymes, trace elements, vitamins! A healthy intestine, when there is a sufficient amount of lactobacilli, bifidobacteria in it. This is achieved by using fermented milk products. In Abkhazia, centenarians regularly consume fermented milk products and this becomes a guarantee of longevity.

Only for the preparation of fermented milk products, yoghurts (curdled milk), buttermilk, whey, it is best to use non-sterilized and unpasteurized milk, in which almost all vitamins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria have been destroyed due to the high temperature, but natural. After a few days, it turns sour, turns into a natural sour. Add your favorite berries and you have an unrivaled health drink.

What else are fermented milk products useful for?

Fermented milk protein stimulates the activity of the liver, increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases. There are all the amino acids necessary for the body, even methionine, which belongs to lipotropic substances that prevent the accumulation of fat and promote its excretion from the liver. This is useful information for people with liver problems. Eat fermented milk products every day and help the heart, kidneys, nervous system, they are useful for constipation, the skeletal system will thank you, since fermented milk products contain calcium salts.

Iron, copper and cobalt will add health to your body and strengthen the immune system. Of all the compounds, they are the most easily and completely absorbed in the body and stimulate hematopoiesis. Beneficial bacteria that come with delicious fermented milk drinks prevent the development of pathogenic microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Avoid sugary milk. Give preference to yogurt, acidophilus, “Narine”, yogurt, ayran, aryan, kumys. The main thing is to use it fresh and be sure of compliance with sanitary standards. The animal, in the manufacture of which milk was obtained, must be healthy and be in ecologically clean conditions.

Make some quick yogurt.

Beat in a blender for 5-7 minutes 500 g of cottage cheese with sour cream in the amount of 150 g, with milk in the amount of 100 g, with the addition of sugar to taste, about 4-5 tablespoons, vanillin (or vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, vanilla food flavor, as option). It remains to add your favorite berries from jam, berry syrup or chopped fruits, seeds to the finished product. It remains to serve beautifully in tall glasses, decorating, for example, with a sprig of mint. Recipes for the yogurt maker. Bon Appetit!

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