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Delicious foods for immunity.

Delicious foods for immunity.

1. Lactic acid.

Take care of your intestinal microflora. Beneficial microorganisms will displace pathogenic microflora from it and qualitatively improve your life potential and health. In addition to beneficial microorganisms, you will receive calcium, B vitamins, strengthen bones and the nervous system.

2. Sea buckthorn joys.

Vitamins A, E and C together are great strength. Eat sea buckthorn and you will be healthy. This is the prevention and strengthening of the immune system. Only consume fresh.

3. Buckwheat.

Always relevant in our diet. Folic acid, zinc and iron, found in this porridge, do their great job, make a huge contribution to strengthening the immune system. It cleanses the body of toxins and helps the heart. Try to cook it at a minimum temperature, but it is better to pour boiling water over it, wrap it up, and eat it for breakfast. It will retain its beneficial properties this way.

4. Make friends with honey and beekeeping products.

Honey has everything your immune system needs, just don’t expose it to high temperatures. Honey will become carcinogenic at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.

5. Citrus fruits.

The secret is in a large amount of vitamin C. They heal the body well, making it hardy. It is useful not only to eat them, but also to enjoy the aromas that have a beneficial effect on the mood and on the nervous system.

6. Dried berries and herbs.

Plant echinacea in your flower bed. Admire the chamomile-like pink flowers and add to your tea. Such immune-stimulating plants also include wild rose, ginseng, lemongrass, black currant. Add to tea to boost immunity.

7. Garlic and onions for all troubles.

They are able to fight harmful microbes, their phytoncides kill viruses. It is a natural antibiotic.

Rhodiola rosea, lemongrass, ginseng, aralia, eleutherococcus, licorice are useful for raising immunity.

Eat regularly fish, vegetables, dill, parsley, celery, salads with extra-virgin oils.

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