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We reveal all the secrets – A delicious recipe for salting lard

We reveal all the secrets – A delicious recipe for salting lard

The use of lard. In 100 grams – 770 calories. Eat it in the morning. It is tasty and healthy to use with black bran bread, salted with garlic. Salt, pickle. Under the influence of high temperature, many biological substances decompose, so it is better not to fry it. Raise your animal on natural food, without hormonal additives, pesticides, antibiotics. Only this will be beneficial. How much do you need? The human body needs 60% monounsaturated fatty acids, 30% saturated fatty acids and 10% polyunsaturated fatty acids every day. Only peanut butter, olive oil and lard have a similar combination. Lard melts already at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and is well absorbed, maintains overall tone, and improves immunity. Don’t fry. Acquires carcinogenic, toxic properties. However, you need to weld a little. Unfortunately, it may contain parasites. Ghee is useful, if you heat it on low heat, you get the so-called lard. On it you can fry over medium heat “dry”. It is not recommended to eat lard if the production of bile is disturbed, which is needed for its digestion.

What you need to know about salting lard?

There is boiled lard in brine and salted with a dry method. To avoid yellowing, store in a dark, cool place. Better to salt in slices and weld. Lard is prepared in melted form, in cherries, in chocolate. From bacon, they make pate with nuts, pate with herbs. There is a recipe for lard in Lithuanian, Hungarian, Chinese, steamed. The oldest recipe for lard is colonato. It can be deliciously cooked in a slow cooker like smoked, treated with liquid smoke. There is even a preparation of the product in honey. It can be cooked in the oven. Boiled rolls are made from it, boiled in a bag, can, hot salted, wet. I even saw on sale the multicolored “Traffic Light” bacon. A neighbor prepares bacon in onion skins, garlic and paprika. So there is lard for every taste. Lard recipes.

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