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New beetroot dishes in the beetroot recipe bank. The rich table of the “poor” Jew.

The rich table of the “poor” Jew. New beetroot dishes in the beetroot recipe bank.

Often people underestimate a vegetable like beets. They just don’t know what to do with it. The arsenal has a limited number of dishes that can be listed on the fingers of one hand. In addition, these dishes are not always tasty. They are primitively cooked. Let’s change the attitude towards beets, try to change the state of affairs, expand the list of dishes that have been familiar for a long time, which are pretty boring. Here’s another option. Try to cook. What if you like the beetroot Schnitzel. Cut the beets into large rings (take large roots) thinly, but not very much, soften, slightly beating the surface with a hammer with the hammer side, where there are small and frequent protrusions. Prepare the mixture: dilute four tablespoons of flour in half a glass of milk, removing lumps, add a raw egg, beaten with a fork. Dip prepared beetroot pieces into this mixture, then roll in homemade bread crumbs (crushed dry crusts of homemade bread) and fry in butter on both sides, browning. It is advisable to fry each piece separately. Then there will be no extra juices and it will brown well. Only now salt and pepper to your liking, sprinkle with herbs, for example, dill, parsley. Eat with sour cream, mayonnaise, tomato gravy, gravy, or tomato juice. If you sprinkle “Magi” with crushed chicken bouillon cubes before frying, then the beetroot schnitzel will taste like meat. In this case, you will need to guess with salt. You may not need it at all, since the bouillon cubes already contain salt. As the saying goes, the need for invention is tricky. Diversify your table, experiment. Bon appetit and good health! Recipes with photos step by step.

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