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Real Guryev porridge – what is it and how is it prepared today?

Real Guryev porridge – what is it and how is it prepared today?

Guryev porridge can be cooked a little differently, in a different way, but more troublesome. But it will be delicious. Pour one liter of milk or cream into a shallow saucepan and place in a preheated oven until golden brown.

Remove it carefully, taking care not to damage the shape of the foam. Place it on a flat plate. For Guryev porridge, you will need four, or even five of these foams. After removing the froth, keep the milk until a new one is formed. Cook viscous semolina in milk, adding sugar and salt to taste, butter, beaten egg whites, yolks pounded with sugar, finely chopped and fried any nuts. Mix the mass thoroughly. Put part of it on a portioned cast-iron frying pan in a thin layer up to 1 centimeter and cover with cooked foam. Then alternate porridge with foam, repeating layers three to four times.

 Sprinkle the top layer with sugar and very quickly so that the sugar does not have time to dissolve, burn it with a hot wide knife. The sugar should turn golden. Put the porridge in a warm oven again for 7-8 minutes.

Decorate with berries and fruits (fresh or canned) scalded and warmed in syrup. You can decorate with jam. It is desirable that the berries from the jam are whole.

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