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How to cook buckwheat porridge?

How to cook buckwheat porridge?

Pour a glass of well-washed buckwheat with two glasses of water. Cover tightly. The cooking scheme is as follows: for the first 3-5 minutes, cook over high heat until boiling, then cook over medium heat, and at the very end at low. The water should be completely absorbed by the cereal and evaporated. You should not intrude into the cooking process, the porridge is cooked with steam, not water, and you must not let it out. Usually the porridge is ready in 15 minutes. It is not recommended to cook any more, since the taste of the porridge deteriorates, the specific aroma disappears. Keep the porridge closed for another 10 minutes for the so-called “reigning” and only then open the lid. Only in this case will you achieve the full development of its taste.

What to season with, what to add for a better taste?

Suitable butter, fried onions, dried porcini mushrooms, chopped eggs, frying with onions, carrots and tomato paste, with the addition of a small amount of minced meat, pepper, salt and add a bay leaf.

Alternatively, people eat buckwheat porridge with milk, sweetening it, or vice versa, adding salt and garlic.

But the most useful option is to pour with any extra virgin oil.

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