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Amazing semolina porridge. Semolina recipe

Amazing semolina porridge. Semolina recipe

So, we already know about the beneficial properties of cereals. And do we know how to cook them correctly, in order to preserve all the useful properties and so that it will certainly be tasty. Let’s take, for example, the simplest decoy in our opinion. There are many options for its preparation. We’ve heard about such a famous Guryev porridge.

It tastes better than any pudding and is easy to prepare.

In its classic version, you will need an incomplete glass of semolina,

2 medium eggs

half a glass of sugar

0.5 liters of milk or cream,


oven-dried nuts, preferably almonds and hazelnuts,

vanillin on the tip of a knife,

gram 200 – 250 berries and fruits,

homemade crackers.

Let’s start cooking. You will need a saucepan with a thick bottom. Pour two tablespoons of cold water to the bottom, and then milk. In milk sugar, salt, vanilla, semolina in a thin stream, stirring occasionally.

Bring to a boil and cook for about 10 minutes, continuing to stir, so as not to burn. Put a piece of butter, whisk slightly, pour the eggs into the porridge, mixing well. Sprinkle the greased form with breadcrumbs, define the porridge in the form, sprinkle with sugar on top. Turn on medium heat and keep in the oven until a light brown crust forms. Serve with fruits, berries, jam, sprinkled with nuts.

It’s also delicious with walnuts. Delicious with melted chocolate. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted, and the words “semolina” will sound like a symphony.

Coconut flakes with candied fruits, candies in the form of hearts for decoration, beautiful presentation will not hurt.

This is such a festive porridge. Itself in the mouth asks.

 Yes, more. Sliced ​​apples, pears, peaches and other fruits, before adding to the porridge, scald and then warm in hot syrup.

In this form, they will harmonize well with porridge.

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