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Lean borscht, like with meat

We cook every other day and don’t get bored. Lean borscht, like with meat.

At home recipes with photos.

With the addition of beans. This borsch is good even when cold. Cook the beans until half cooked. Then it will be cooked while cooking borscht. Send the sliced ​​potatoes to the pot. While the potatoes are boiling, chop the cabbage, grate the beets and carrots, when the potatoes are almost ready, lower the cabbage. While the cabbage is boiling, fry the onion in pork fat until golden brown, sprinkle with flour at the end. The borsch will be tastier. Then we make frying from beets and carrots. Brown, it’s time for tomato paste. It needs to be fried well. Will taste good. All this in a saucepan with beans, potatoes, cabbage. Sweet peppers will do the trick. In the winter, I canned dill and parsley in a salty way. They are salty. We add this dill, parsley and salt the borscht is not necessary. It remains to season with black and allspice, bay leaves, paprika. Serve sour cream and donuts, greased with garlic sauce with borscht. Such borscht is good on a juice made from barreled pickled tomatoes, instead of tomato paste. Put the tomato as you like. The borscht should be rich and rich. For density, crush some of the potatoes with a crush, do not overcook the cabbage. It should be felt on the tooth. Fried with cracklings is delicious. Gives a completely different taste. It tastes even better with slightly overcooked beans. The borsch should be infused and it will be even tastier. Try sauerkraut instead of fresh cabbage. I hope you enjoy this version of borscht. As for meat, such a first course with soaked salted meat is good. It becomes specific in taste, gives its own shade. I can preserve this kind of meat in the winter. I dipped it in salt, put the salted pieces in the jar and close it. Serve nicely. Bon Appetit! Tasty is nice. Enjoyment of food is a positive emotion, a positive that has a beneficial effect on health.

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