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Unusual dumplings. Soup dumplings recipe

Unusual dumplings. Soup dumplings recipe.

Everyone knows how to cook Ukrainian soup with dumplings, cook dumplings separately with frying and cracklings. It turns out that dumplings can be different. For example, with apples. They are called apple. Take 10 apples. Peel and core, grate. Dissolve a tablespoon of sugar in a glass of milk. If you like sweets, add more. And of course, salt to taste, somewhere a pinch. Stir four eggs with a fork, combine the ingredients, gradually stirring in three cups of sifted flour.

It remains to make dumplings from the dough, a little less traditional, boil, pour over with sweet sour cream with vanilla sugar, honey. The dish is ready. Enjoy the taste. Lemon zest will do the trick. She will add freshness to the dish. Bon Appetit.

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