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Tomatoes. “Vitamin Bomb” without vinegar. Tomato recipe

Tomatoes. “Vitamin Bomb” without vinegar. Tomato recipe.

For 3 liters of water, three tablespoons of salt with a slice will go, 7 tablespoons of sugar also with a slice, one glass of red currant juice, and even easier 2 glasses of berries right with stalks, in the brushes. This marinade is enough for two three-liter jars. Strictly observe the amount of spices. Each jar needs two leaves of black currant, 2 cloves of garlic, dill (preferably two umbrellas with seeds), hot pepper to taste, 2 bay leaves, a few white shavings of horseradish root (do not put the leaves). Determine the tomatoes on the spice, cover with boiling marinade and sterilize for 3-4 minutes. Store red currants for these purposes in freezers in portions, for convenience.

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