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Fish dumplings. Dumplings recipe in soup

Fish dumplings. Dumplings recipe in soup.

Have you ever cooked fish dumplings?

Let’s try to cook together. Pass 500 g of fish fillet through a meat grinder. The cooler the fish, the cooler your dumplings will be. The texture should be uniform and pitted free. Salt the minced fish obtained, pepper it, add one tablespoon of cooked rice and mix well. Form from this mass into neat little dumplings in the form of balls the size of a walnut. Cook in a small amount (1.5 liters of fish broth), salt and fish-appropriate spices, onions. Be sure to dip 1-2 bay leaves into the broth.

Put 6 – 7 dumplings in portions into a deep plate, pour the broth in which they were cooked and sprinkle with dill, parsley, celery. Enjoy the taste. Bon Appetit!

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