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Eat meat wisely

Eat meat wisely. We all love meat. But not everyone knows that meat is now one of the most dangerous foods. When raising livestock, poultry, in order to make a profit in a short time, go to all sorts of tricks, using hormones, antibiotics and more. Our health deteriorates from this. Science has proven that the amount of protein for the body is sufficient in the range of 35-45 grams per day, and we eat much more. It is harmful. Besides, meat can be replaced with legumes and nuts. Cheese, soybeans, for example, contain more protein in percentage terms than even pork. At the same time, lard is a good energy product. There are many fatty acids, phospholipids and other substances necessary for the normal functioning of cells. If it’s meat, then go for village-raised chicken that walks free and eats natural, healthy foods. You need to know when to stop. The meat is digested for more than 5 hours. Meat contains a large number of various extractives that are especially harmful. Do not consume concentrated broths. The first broth must be drained. There are harmful substances in there. There are many preservatives and other things in modern sausage. Eating a lot of sausages poisons our body, diseases appear that could not exist if a person just ate a boiled piece of meat. Eating meat is a big burden on the body. It takes a lot of digestive juices, bile and pancreatic juice to digest. There is a great load on the liver, heart, lungs, on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. After eating meat, the blood is filled with uric acid, purine substances, nucleic acids. This is especially dangerous for children. Their defenses are still weak and they get sick, as a rule, from delicious meat food. Caring mothers and grandmothers need to know that up to 7-8 years old meat should be given in limited quantities, usually boiled with vegetables. Remember, we do not live to eat, but to live. Our food becomes our body. It can support the body, promote health, and it can be harmful. You need to fry the meat in rapeseed oil. It oxidizes less. The most acceptable meat for humans is pigeon and guinea fowl. Each type of meat has its own beneficial and harmful properties. For example, chicken has the most harmful substances in the legs. Recipes step by step.

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