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Tomatoes in their own juice. Tomatoes in juice recipe

Tomatoes in their own juice. Tomatoes in juice recipe.

The recipe for a note in a piggy bank under a pencil. Rolling without preservatives. Tomatoes in their own juice. As cherries do not need sugar in their own juice, so tomatoes do not need vinegar, citric acid or other preservatives in their own juice. This is more useful. Every housewife must have such a recipe, because the most important thing in preparing blanks is to prepare them for the benefit of health, without harming health, with a minimum amount of preservatives, because it is no secret that some housewives use aspirin, salicylic acid, benzoic acid, and vinegar essence.

 This is overkill, the future of ulcers and other health problems. It is necessary to use recipes where you can do without harmful additives and preserve in a natural way.

Tomatoes in their own juice.

Dense. Medium tomatoes, tomato juice.

Send the tomatoes to a jar, pour boiling water several times, holding for 10 minutes. Now fill with boiling ready-made tomato juice and can be closed.

They closed it, turned it over, until it cools completely. You can add your favorite spices. This is individual.

You can remove the skin from the tomatoes, scald them with boiling water and immerse them in cold water. It will be more pleasant to eat.

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