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The recipe for successful meat with vegetables and more (from the “Healthy food” series).

The recipe for successful meat with vegetables and more (from the “Healthy food” series). Remove the transparencies. Place the meat with a special device (tenderizer), meat tenderizer. The meat will be softer. It will taste better if you marinate it beforehand. For example, grate or stuff the pieces with chopped garlic, ground black and allspice fresh peppers, pour over with vegetable oil (unrefined, odorous, fresh). Do not rush to salt. The meat juice will stand out and the meat will become dry. It will cook faster if you beat it slightly with a hammer, combine with onions, caraway seeds, basil, coriander if desired in reasonable quantities, chopped bay leaf and parsley root, parsnip. Celery won’t hurt. It will enhance the flavor of the meat. Add lemon juice and let it sit for about an hour. Bake in a sleeve in the oven at a low temperature (about 200 degrees Celsius), but longer in time, until tender. In languor mode. The result will be even tastier and healthier when supplemented with prunes, vegetables: carrots, zucchini, cabbage, tomato, bell pepper, potatoes, eggplant. Then the side dish does not need to be additionally cooked. It will turn out, as they say, three in one. Sprinkle the meat with the resulting juice, sprinkle with a green onion, pour sour cream, mayonnaise or, as an option, your favorite tomato sauce, ketchup, cheese, sprinkle with crushed nuts or pumpkin seeds, or flaxseed, if desired. The new dish will pleasantly surprise you, your household and your guests. Place dried bread, beetroot salad. That’s all. Consider your lunch a success. There is healthy and tasty food on the table, and even hearty, almost festive.

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