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“Black caviar” (fake). The rich table of the “poor” Jew.

“Black caviar” (fake). The rich table of the “poor” Jew.

250 grams of sago (cereal from starch of the core of the sago trunk and several other palms, as well as cereals from potato or corn starch),

two soft herrings,

two tablespoons of oil,

0.5 teaspoons of ground activated carbon (useful for radiation) for color.

Boil the sago until transparent, fill with cold water and discard on a sieve. Peel the herring, grind in a meat grinder and mix with the sago, adding oil (odorless refined) and activated charcoal (buy at the pharmacy and grind to a powder) to give the caviar the right color. Mix well and grease sandwiches with butter. The table will look rich, like real black caviar on the table. Bon appetit!

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