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Questionnaire “Check Yourself for Salt Use”.

Questionnaire “Check Yourself for Salt Use”.

1. When should potatoes be salted when cooking?

Correct answer.

Salted when cooking. Has boiled and can be added.

2. When should potatoes be salted when frying?

Salt, when it is almost ready, browned on all sides, otherwise it will turn out soft and will not turn out a golden brown crust.

3. When you need to salt dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. dumplings?

At the beginning.

4. When are semi-finished products salted?

In the process of frying, cooking.

5. How to fix the situation if you oversalt the soup?

It is necessary to put a gauze bag with rice in the soup before the end of cooking for five minutes – the excess salt will go to the rice, the rice will absorb it. Then the pouch should be removed.

6. When should salads be salted?

Salads should be salted before vegetable oil is added. This is because salt is not easily soluble in oil.

7. When should beets be salted?

Beets are not salted when cooking – salt kills the piquant taste of this vegetable. It then cooks longer, becomes hard).

8. When is it supposed to salt the meat broth?

The meat broth should be salted before the end of cooking. Otherwise, the meat in it will become tough.

9. When is meat salted?

The meat is salted during the frying process, better at the end, otherwise it will lose its juice and turn out tough.

10. When are fish and vegetable broths salted?

Fish and vegetable broths are salted immediately after boiling.

11. When do you need to salt the fish?

The fish is salted 10-15 minutes before frying. Wait until the salt is well absorbed. If this condition is met, the fish will not fall apart during the cooking process. Recipes for all dishes.

12. When should the pasta be salted?

Salt recipe. When cooking pasta, the vermicelli water is salted before the pasta is dipped into boiling water so that the pasta does not stick together, even if you thoroughly rinse it with water after boiling.

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