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The eggs are familiar and unfamiliar. Secrets of their preparation, eating. All about the value of eggs.

The eggs are familiar and unfamiliar. Secrets of their preparation, eating. All about the value of eggs.

Egg recipe. Delicious recipe for food. Egg recipe The main principle of medicine: do no harm! I want this information to be useful to you as well. I knew unforgivably little about this product and used it incorrectly throughout my entire life, as well as you, harming my body. Nobody taught me this or explained it. Why should you use it this way? The rescue of drowning people is the work of the drowning themselves. I searched and found the answers to my questions myself. Information from different sources was polar, contradictory, distorted, confusing, misleading, did not explain clearly why. I, as they say, rushed from one extreme to another. Some spoke so, others stated exactly the opposite and did not even advise even healthy people to use it at all. Now I know that eggs are a great energy product. It turns out that they have everything that is necessary for the vital activity of the human body, especially the growing body of children. Another thing is when there are contraindications for the disease, if a person, for example, is allergic to eggs, when prescribing a special diet as an aid. So, the main thing is to use it correctly. It turns out that it is undesirable to eat egg white in its raw form, and here’s why.

Its protein, avidin, blocks the action of one of the important vitamins, biotin, and the biochemical reactions of this cycle are stopped, disrupting metabolic processes. We all want to be healthy, so these things need to be taken into account so as not to harm your body. As for the yolk, it also has everything that is useful and necessary for a person to eat well.

The first is a complex of vitamins of groups A and B. Without them, the assimilation of microelements, the construction of nerve, bone, muscle and other cells does not occur.

The second is valuable vitamin D. It regulates phosphorus-calcium metabolism.

Third – minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper and more. But the yolk, it turns out, is right to eat raw. You can protect yourself from salmonellosis by adding a little lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or tomato juice to the yolk. In an acidic environment, any microbes die in a minute.

Another feature when used. The yolk must be consumed with vegetable oil otherwise, if this condition is not observed, fat-soluble acids may not be absorbed. Now I eat eggs this way. I advise you too.

Here’s what else I learned about boiled eggs. They are not only poorly absorbed, but they also require more energy to process than they contain. This is why they are considered negative calorie foods.

Prolonged cooking destroys valuable amino acids – cystine, methionine, cysteine ​​and is formed during long-term storage, more than a day, gaseous products harmful to the body – hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, phosphoric hydrogen, mercaptans.

Conclusion. You cannot cook for a long time, do not store for more than a day. Here’s what to keep in mind when eating eggs. It is best to eat soft-boiled eggs: put them in cold water, after boiling, remove them after 20-25 seconds. Fried eggs are easy to digest.

Let us summarize what has been said once again. Boiled eggs, except for thrown away money and harm to the body, do not give anything, only a feeling of satiety is created, but you already know what it costs. Use them for food correctly. Dishes such as “in a bag” or “fried eggs” should be combined with vegetable salads or herbs.

They can be a wonderful dinner, you just need to know how and in all measure.

Egg yolk is good for any age. It is especially useful for pregnant women, children, young people under 25, the elderly. This category needs to eat at least one yolk daily. People of mature and middle age (25 to 55 years old) are supposed to eat 1-2 times a week. It is a building material for building healthy cells in the body. Eggs are healthier for a bird that walks free. Nutrition is provided in natural conditions without any additional tweaks. Chickens receive everything they need in sufficient quantities. They are not stuffed with vitamins and stuff.

How do you discard bad tainted eggs? It must be remembered that if the egg is well translucent, it is edible, if inside the spot it is rotten, spoiled.

Add salt to plain water (approximately 20 grams per liter). When the eggs sink in this water, they are fresh.

 Not the first freshness just pop up. The scariest floating ones, standing upright. They need to be eliminated.

They are the source for the development of Salmonella. Eggs should be washed thoroughly before eating. Anything can be on their surface! Quail eggs are very useful. Even astronauts take this bird in flight.

The bird’s body temperature is 42 ° C, so the eggs are considered absolutely sterile. Salmonella dies at this temperature. The healthfulness of eggs and meat has been scientifically proven. You can get rid of gastritis, colitis, atherosclerosis and other diseases. This is truly food, like medicine. In cooking, there is a huge number of dishes that use eggs, many recipes that are delicious and healthy. Man is a rational being. Be smart about your diet and stay healthy.

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