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Cold cabbage rolls

Cold cabbage rolls.

 Homemade recipes for you. Delicious recipes from simple products. Delicious recipes with photos. Prepare one head of cabbage, one kilogram of carrots, one head of garlic, salt, pepper. We start to cook carrots. It needs to be peeled, grated on a coarse grater, salt and pepper, add crushed garlic and thoroughly knead the resulting mixture. Add greens to it, which is preferable for you. Cut the cabbage stalk. Dip in boiling water and separate the leaves from the cabbage as it cooks. Cut out the thickening, beat off with a hammer over the entire surface so that the leaf is pliable when wrapped. Cabbage leaves should be slightly undercooked. Put the filling in the leaves, wrap it in a tube, envelope, glass (whatever you like). Place in an enamel, wide-mouth glass jar (non-aluminum crockery only). Now pour in the marinade. The stuffed cabbage will be ready in three days. Here’s the ingredients for the marinade:

 0.5 cups of natural apple cider vinegar

0.5 cups of vegetable unrefined fresh fragrant sunflower oil.

4 tablespoons honey

 Two tablespoons of sea salt

Add black ground and allspice to taste, 1 bay leaf. You can add cumin coriander. Marinade depends on the portion of cabbage rolls. All cabbage rolls should be enough. Consume with tomato juice. Bon Appetit!

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