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The recipe for delicious pasties. Our pasties

The recipe for delicious pasties. Our pasties

Recipes for simple pasties. Cheburek is not a pie. A large amount of filling in it is inappropriate.

There is a wide variety of recipes for pasties. This is ours. The recipe for homemade pasties.

I must say right away that the dough should lie in a cold place for at least an hour. Whole milk makes the dough heavier, so it is advisable to dilute it with water. The milk will improve the quality and taste. You need to take a glass of water and a glass of milk.

The recipe for homemade pasties. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt and 0.5 teaspoon of sugar in this diluted milk, and add a tablespoon of vodka here. Add 50 grams of melted margarine or butter. You can use a tablespoon or even two tablespoons of regular sunflower oil instead of butter and margarine, as well as one egg or two yolks. (This will improve the quality and color). Knead medium dough, almost like dumplings.

For minced meat you will need kefir or fermented baked milk, homemade aryan.

In addition to flavoring colors, they have a wonderful property to bind raw minced meat (minced meat does not spread, but it must be liquid, which is called blurted out and smeared) and give liquid to the finished product. The filling should have time to cook during the frying process.

For minced meat, ideally, lamb or beef with pork is taken. It should be a little greasy. Add finely chopped onion, optionally, aryan (kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream).

Finely chopped parsley or dill, ground black and allspice pepper will not be superfluous. Other spices are a matter of taste. The consistency of the minced meat can be adjusted with onion juice or cold water (even ice cold).

The dough is rolled out into thin circles (no thicker than 3 millimeters) the size of a saucer. A little minced meat is laid out on them on one side of the circle (I blurted out a tablespoon and smeared it), we fold the circle, and the edges are neatly cut off with a saucer.

It is fried in a large amount of vegetable oil (refined so that it does not foam). Can be enriched with pork and other fat. You need to fry immediately, not allowing the dough to soften. In the process of frying, pour hot oil on the half not fried, so that it does not burst when turned over, upside down. A crust forms and promotes integrity.

In order not to swell too much, press down slightly during formation, releasing air. Fry in a large amount of oil (in a cauldron, wok, pot). To prevent the oil from burning, you need to adjust the fire. Better when two people are cooking. One rolls and shapes, while the other fries and serves.

Greeks serve pasties with aryan.

Cooking aryan.

Boil the milk, cool it to be slightly warm, and season with sour cream or arjan. Put in a warm place. When the milk turns sour, put it on cheesecloth and drain the whey.

Then this mass is diluted with boiled milk to taste. The stores sell carbonated lactic acid drinks (kumis and others). Delicious too.

Real pasties melt in your mouth. They should be lush, thin, with pimples, crisp, juicy, beautiful. Fresh minced meat will give a tantalizing aroma to the whole house.

Therefore, the quality of the meat is important.

If the oil is overcooked, rancid, then it is advisable to replace it. Bad oil will ruin the cheburek. In addition, it is carcinogenic and hazardous to health. Use of several types of meat will improve the taste. This cheburek is for real gourmets.

True fans of chebureks urge to chop the meat with a knife, and not pass it through a meat grinder: in it the meat, whatever one may say, chokes, the juices go out and the filling turns out to be fresh. For quick and high-quality chopping of meat, you will need two knives – a cleaver (although one can also be dispensed with) Cut the meat into thin strips, and then chop on the board with quick movements into minced meat. Vodka makes the cheburek bubbly, crispy and fluffy. When there is a lot of oil, there is no need to turn it over. From one end they lowered it, from the other, a ready-made one pops up. Cheburek will burn if it touches the bottom with a small amount of oil.

You need to eat pasties slightly cooled, almost hot, but so as not to burn. A cold cheburek is no longer a cheburek. It loses juice, becomes soft. It’s not tasty anymore.

My household loves pasties with a different filling: salted cottage cheese with onions and herbs. Try it.

Why do you need vodka in the dough?

Delicious baking recipe. Homemade dough recipe. To improve the quality of the dough and as a baking powder, the alcohol contained in vodka begins to evaporate at a sufficiently low temperature, therefore, during the baking and frying process, the dough is saturated with air and becomes fluffy. To achieve this effect, one tablespoon of vodka per kilogram of dough is enough. In addition, a spoonful of vodka improves the taste of the dough, makes the baked goods more beautiful, the buns are baked better, and the brushwood (verguns), pasties become crisper, softer, with pimples. I tried to make a dough with the addition of 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Chebureks are obtained with a pleasant sourness. Try adding you too. In general, the dough should roll out well, be elastic, thin and not burst when frying. Melting in your mouth.

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