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Vinaigrette “Health”. Cook only this way, and not otherwise.

Vinaigrette “Health”. Cook only this way, and not otherwise.

Recipes with photos. Delicious vinaigrette recipe. I advise you to cook. Vinaigrette “Health” with an original spicy dressing.


In the mustard, stirring constantly, add gradually, in parts, any vegetable oil (preferably cold pressed), sugar and salt to taste, ground black and allspice, finely chopped parsley, dill, as well as grated or chopped onions, and even vinegar.

Vegetable oil – five tablespoons.

Vinegar – three tablespoons

Mustard – two teaspoons

Onion – one onion

Salt to taste

Sugar to taste

Ground pepper to taste

Parsley and dill: to taste and for an amateur. You can do one thing.

The composition of the vinaigrette includes steamed turnips, boiled corn, sauerkraut, green peas or beans, pickled or pickled cucumbers, you can fresh, potatoes cooked in their uniform and cut into cubes, boiled beets cut into cubes, boiled and diced into cubes, diced carrots , sprinkled with water with citric acid, so as not to turn black (you can quince), finely chopped green onions, parsley, dill, leaf celery and other favorite herbs, grated apple celery if desired. Mix everything and fill with dressing. Bon Appetit! The number of products is optional. Give preference to loved ones.

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