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The right sauerkraut!

The right sauerkraut!

Recipe with photo. Delicious recipes with photos. Recipe for the winter. Top tricks of the right sauerkraut. (With taste, you can add quince, peppercorns, bay leaves, cranberries, apples).

When a person says that he only ferments in this way, then I ask myself a question, but what is the right way. And rightly so, when 100 g of salt is used for 5 kg of cabbage. If you use “Extra” class salt, then its amount should be even less, it is saltier, concentrated. Why is that? If it is not enough, then the cabbage will get soft, without crunch. Excess salt will lead to the fact that beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which ferment cabbage, will feel uncomfortable due to the increase in salt and slow down work. Instead of them, other unwanted microorganisms, pathogens, can take over. When fermenting cabbage, remember that apples make it softer. Decide for yourself to add or not. When added, it turns out to be more aromatic.

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